World of Warplanes Bomber Tactics Basic Guide

World of Warplanes Bomber Tactics Basic Guide?by kilbykiller

1. Go STRAIGHT for the main objective if it?s worth 4+ points, as if you start to swivel off course someone else will get the kill, and you have just wasted your time and will probably get shot down (as you headed straight for the enemy).

2. If the main objective is not worth 4+ points stay to the side of the maps and work your way around to the back. You may not get the main objective, but you can take out the AA guns and other smaller objectives and still rank up about the same amount of points. As a bonus you will probably last longer.

3. The buddy system: have a friend of someone on your team fly behind you. They will have a much better chance of taking out the enemy plane and you can proceed to your destination.

4. The bob maneuver: NEVER EVER give your opponents straight shots at you. If you bob up and down you will remain in line to your target and your opponent will have to re-adjust every shot to try and hit you and you will have less shots hit you.

5. Bomb Killing: This is a tricky method of killing someone, but i have pulled it off. (twice, and by luck). This trick requires you to use the large explosion bombs. The trick is to drop the bomb while pulling up over a mountain with a plane close to your six, the bomb will kill the plane with the explosion. Mind you this trick is quite difficult to pull off and i have only done it twice.

6. Friendly AA: If you can lead an enemy plane close to your base, your friendly AA guns will help either kill him or make him bail away.

7. Head ON Attacks: Coordinate with your friends to have them fly straight near you. The guns on your plane are meant to be straight on attackers. You can easily kill most planes in 2-3 seconds if aimed properly.

8: Sniper Modes: If attacking a base objective with your guns, zooming in with your modes will help you aim up your shot.

9: Drop: Most people don?t know this, but the bullets actually drop when strafing a ground target. Aim slightly above your intended target and you will make much more hits.

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