World of Warplanes Not Being a Scrub Guide

World of Warplanes Not Being a Scrub Guide?by petersleepy

With the arrival of open beta, the playerbase number has soared, but the general cooperation, iq, and skill level have hit rock bottom. With this guide, you will be able to be of use to your team, instead of just feeding the enemy team superiority points. With some simple (or not so simple) steps, you will be able to improve your skill level and probably have more fun, and not ruin the experience of others.


Although this might seem like a simple step, many of you have not mastered it yet. There isn?t a problem with being bad at aiming, but?FFS, don?t play anything above tier 4 unless you can actually hit an enemy that is in a slow bank!?You can practice your aim by flying lower tiers (1-4), that tend to fly slower than the higher tiers, and will make aiming easier. Another way you can practice your aiming is to go in a training room with bots, as they fly in a very predictable manner, and don?t avoid your shots. Also, when playing, try not to overheat your guns and shoot wildly, because that will ruin a perfect shot, since your rate of fire will be so low. Improving your aim is a process that may take a long time, but by doing so, you will have more fun, improve the general skill of the community, and help your teammates to stop pulling their own hair out/smashing their keyboards.

Tip: When you fly the low tiers, you should easily be able to obtain a 10% hit rate?without?hitting any ground targets. Try not to start shooting when the aiming reticle appears on your screen, but when your enemy reaches about 1300 feet/400 meters. This way, your guns will be more accurate, and you will be able to maintain your element of surprise on your opponent.

2. Climb at the beginning of the match

When you start out a battle, you should?always?climb and use up most/all of your boost. This will allow you to have an altitude advantage over your enemies (or less of a disadvantage if they are better climbers than you). Climb in?everyplane that you have,?excluding GA aircraft. In anything above tier 4, you will be able to climb straight up with your boost. Remember to keep on climbing at a slight angle until you have time to engage your enemy.?Remember, nobody likes a teammate that flies straight towards the enemy base just to bomb the HQ.?Not only do you lose a plane that has high damage potential, but you also give the enemy 1 superiority point back. If you carry bombs for anything other than defense, drop them right away on the closest GT.

3. Know Your Role

I kind of went into this a bit in the last section, but I?ll reiterate again. If you are a CBF, your role is?not?ground attack.?Sure, you have to ability to carry bombs, but there is a reason why GA aircraft are in the game.?Drop your bombs and go actually help your team by shooting bad guys out of the air. There is nothing more frustrating to teammates when your team gets decimated and there are CBF?s in the corner of the maps that got 2 GT?s and haven?t contributed to the team at all. Most, if not all, CBF?s have the ability to shoot down enemy planes just as good as any other fighter. Also, generally, if you are a light fighter, turn more, and with a heavy fighter, boom and zoom. A good guide by crashtailspin can be found here:?World of Warplanes Heavy Fighter Guide

Lastly remember, just because you can carry bombs, it doesn?t mean you are a GA aircraft. That?s like saying I could go offroading in a prius because I can put offroad tires on it.

4. Learn to Read the Minimap

An important part of this game is situational awareness. The minimap in this game is a large asset for you. Use it. If you see 1 or 2 on your team is going somewhere,?don?t go there.?You will hurt your team more by getting decimated by the enemy team and losing three players instead of two. Additionally, don?t charge out in front of your team, because the same result will occur. You won?t do any damage, and will have the entire enemy team after you. Make sure you maintain a safe distance with your team so that you are able to help each other.?This leads into my next point, which is paying attention to the SOS calls.?If you are one of three people chasing an enemy, or are in a furball where you greatly outnumber the enemy,?help the guy that is calling for someone to clear their tail?if he is close enough to you to make it not much of a hassle to help him.

Also, As of the new patch that buffed the AA guns,?don?t run towards the enemy?s base when you are being chased.This way, you don?t lure your own friends into the enemy?s AA and let them get decimated by it.


So, some main points:

  • Before venturing into high tiers, learn to aim.
  • Climb
  • Don?t get separated from the rest of your team
  • Fly your plane the way it was meant to be flown
  • Help your teammates that are

This topic is by no means an exhaustive guide on how to be [email protected] planes, but should help you to be of use to your team, instead of essentially helping the other team. If you found this helpful, or have a friend that is just starting off, or needs some help, please refer them to this guide!

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