World of Warplanes Tactical Beginner’s Guide

World of Warplanes Tactical Beginner?s Guide?by Perzel

This guide aims at people who are new to this game, or refused to think about what to do to help their team.
I will start with a brief overview about the three different classes??and try to give some usefull tipps for each of them.

1.?Ground?Attack Aircraft or GAA?s

This one is simple, right? Your role is to destroy ground targets to achieve supremacy. Sad but true, 99% of the matches are won by the team which destroys all enemy players long before the supremacy counter reaches 100% Until WG implements a mode where ground targets are important you are pretty much no help for the team.

There are still a few things you can do:
1. Stay alive as long as possible. As long as there are some hostiles wasting time with you, they can?t shoot the more fragile planes. Hostile fighters attacking you have to slow down and will thus become an easy
target for your allies. A good trick to get rid of fighters at you 6 is to slow down as much as you can, they will either stall or pass you and find themselves right infront of your guns if you are lucky.
2. Destroy the AA guns or the enemy headquarter. This can save the slightly armed fighters some trouble.
3. You most dangerous enemies are heavy fighters. They have the firepower to kill you very quickly. Watch out for them and try not to draw their attention.

2. Heavy Fighters

This for all the noobs thinking Heavy Fighters are meant to destroy ground targets.

A Heavy Fighter fitting bombs and attacking ground targets is nothing but a burden for the Team. Go and play Angry Birds if you want to do that.
Heavy Fighters are meant to kill other stuff flying around, and boy they are more than capable to do that! They feature a lot of firepower, often mounted in the main axis of the plane.

This allows you to aim more easy and destroy other planes in seconds.

1. Use Head on Attacks. A less armed plane is heading directly towards you is an easy kill.
2. Stay with the Zerg. When a lot of fighters battle eac other in one place, the chances are good that one of them will sooner or later cross your cross hairs (haha, got it?)
Staying with your teammates also allows them to quickly help you if you got somebody at your 6.
3. If you are being followed and can?t outturn the fighter behind you, use the long boost of your engines and climb as steep as you can. Fighters can?t boost as long as you and will enter the stall way earlier than

3. Fighters

The fighters role is clear to everybody I think, but some of you might have noticed that they can equip rockets or bombs. That is just a troll from WG, don?t do it. You will limit you main advantage (maneuverabilty and speed) to destroy unimportant ground targets.

1. Help your teammates. If you see that one of your allies is being chased by a hostile, help him!
2. Don?t chase hostiles with more than two pilots. Chances are very high that you will crash into your teammates.
3. Stay alive as long as possible. The longer you are alive the more likely it is that one of your teammets comes to save your ass. (don?t forget to press F7)


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