WWII Assembly Newbie Guide


WWII Assembly Newbie Guide by dexter097

First of all questions the SUB-BASES, Sub-base creations requires a certain amount of Resources and PRESTIGE REQUIREMENT> The Prestige requirements increases defending on this two things:
1. It increases depending??on the scale of your base/bases
2. It increases when you have more sub-bases, more sub-bases higher the Prestige requirement

Second most asked questions is IW bug/Bugs
1. IWar can only be won if you reached a certain amount of Points. Which in our case is 8000 Nation points
2. There is no Iwar on Monday and Tuesday.
3. No Iwar also during Election time which is already written on the guide and Encyclopedia. PLEASE READ IT

Third most asked question are about Rare ores.
1. Rare ores got this timer which last around 3 days overall. If someone captures the ore before the time ends IT WONT RESET. Meaning if the ore has 22 hours left before Restoring??and you captured it, You will only get the remaining 22 hours left on the rare ore.
2. There?s a protection time when you capture a rare ore, sadly I don?t know how long it takes.
3. You can only get 3 rare ores per base/Sub-base

Fourth most asked question is about Attacking
1. Cease Fire can be used during Loot/Siege attacks so your units will just go home. BOOHOO
2. You can attack anyone as long you are on the 2 ranks implementation rule. Colonel 1 2 3 are counted as one as long as you are a Colonel. So Colonel can attack a Major/Captain player. I dunno but some people said they have attacked people with lower ranks and their all on the Colonel rank. This part is kinda unclear so any mistakes made please tell them to me so I can edit them.

Fifth most asked question is what?s the maximum level of buildings.
1. That?s easy it?s Level 15

Sixth most asked questions ? Why can?t i see the units dispatch on the IW on the Legion tab?
1. Well first of all it means you?re not authorized to see or control the War. Because a lot of spies are brewing in this game, Damn Multi-accounts

Seventh most asked question is about golds
1. You can only get them during special Events ? Maintenance,First President,Rankings and Forum Events
2. You can?t get Gold Victory chest, whoever said that is Retarded

Eight most asked question is about the % on the bonuses of commanders and why do they lose when they have more Units sent on the attack
1. The stats of the commanders give a very high attack and HP to your units.
a. Command ? Gives HP
b. Tactics ? Gives Damage
c. Charm ? Gives movement speed or decrease time traveling
d. Politics ? Processing Speed and Building time Decreases

Ninth question is about coupons
1. You can only get them trough daily Bonus which gives 10 if your sequential log-in is x5
2. Through Relief and Victory chests
3. Special events, forums events

Lastly is what can we get on the Awards
1. There are two kinds of Awards
a. Award S,A,B,C,D,E and F
b. Victory and relief chest
2. Awards with Letters on can be gathered trough IWAR or Expeditions and task awards
It contains this items
a. Basic resources??Iron,Food,Oil and Coins
b. It contains certain items like Junior Processor and etc, AGAIN DEPENDING ON THE LEVEL OF THE AWARD
c. You can get Aides from Awards
d. You can get Processing items on it like, Premium oil,premium alloy and ETC AGAIN DEPENDING ON THE LEVEL OF THE AWARD
3. The Highest Award is Award S which is considered as EPIC
4. Victory and Relief chest contains the same things.
a. Refined and Plains are randomly given on the said Chest
b. Oh yeah Rare ores and Coins too
c. Coupons

Additional Info:

One assembly post = 1 Commander with their units
And only one player can attack the Assembly post at a time.

If you want to join your other commanders you have to split your units into multiple Assembly post in order to attack multiple Enemies

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