WWII Assembly Ultimate Combined Guide

WWII Assembly Ultimate Combined Guide by Jonaru

I? ? ???Transporting Resources
II?????Attacking Guide
III ???Rare Ore Site
IV?????How not to be a Farm


I ? Transporting Resources

1- Second Base
2- Outpost
3- Sub-Base Saved as Favorite or have its coordinates
4- A commander
5- Transporting Tanks(Rookie Armored Truck)

Go into Outpost.

Change Type from Attack to Transport

Rookie Armored Truck Needed to hold the Resources and to Transport it.

Send Resources or Material and even Coins to Sub-Bases

Either Change the The Favorites Section or Change the Target.

Add the Value to what you want to Transport.

And Finally you can choose to allow you commander to stay there or return.

Then Submit.??Happy Playing.


II ? Attacking Guide

1- Outpost
2- A spot Nearest to Target Saved as Favorites
3- Enough grain to make several attacks.

1- If you already have an outpost, Great.
2- Go to map and choose the square nearest to the Target, and save it as a favorite.
3- Go to outpost and put the selected units you want to attack with.(Must do this first to configure Capacity)
4- Change the favorites section to the saved favorite.

Auto return if there are units station there.
If there are Units at that area(square), your units will Return.

Auto attack if there are units stationed there.
If there are Units in that area(square), your units will attack that square if there are any unis there.

Put in the amount of Food Duration.
You may do several attacks(From Assembly) if you have enough grain.

To do that Attack you will need the Assembly.
(The Assembly is built when your troops has arrived.)

Now Remember that Favorite you saved? When your army is there, go to map and click the favorite.

Now you can choose who to attack from the Assembly Area.

*(You are not allowed to attack members in your Nation)*

Great Game, and happy playing all.

From Galindo001.

have in mind that you?ll have to use all the units you?ve sent to the assembly post you can?t chose not to use a ceartain unit after the assembly post is up.
Also there?s a bug(in my opnion) if you attack someone and they use cease fire you?ll have to wait the attack time even though you?ll hit thin air and your troops will automatically return to base after the timer ends, it doesn?t matter if you sent food for an hour or a day you?ll lose the assembly post.


III ? Rare Ore Site

Rare Ore is one of the main resources such as Steel, Coins, and Food. Rare Ore can be used to Raise your City Hall to Level 3. Also Rare Ore is also used to make refined products(Refined Alloy, Refined Oil, and Refined Ammo)

Rare Ore Mines are unoccupied tiles in the map. No Rare Ore Mine can not be found in the original 2 Areas the Nation Owns.
After Defeating the Rare Ore Mine?s NPC Units, You Base automaticly produces rare ore. You will occupy the rare ore mine until Grain has run out or Rare Ore Mine has reached its limit.

Rare Ore Mine Time:
42 Hours of Occupation
12 Hours of Restoration

Rare Ore Mine NPC Units
All Elites

200 Elite Gun Squad
200 Elite AntiAromor Squad
200 Elite Flak Squad
30??Elite Tanks
100 Elite Cannon
30??Elite FIghters
30??Elite Bombers

Rare Ore can also be obtained in rewards from Expedition Tasks.


IV ? How not to be a Farm.

How not to become someone?s Farm.

1) Always fight in Defensive battles, It show the attacker that you are willing to fight back.
This is the reason because if you do not involve in defensive battles, the attack will have an easier time farming you.

2) Have an acceptable Army that can fight back, If not, build Defenses.
Defensive Units Cannot move between bases or even attack people. If you plan to survive build some.

3 ) Make sure you are active
Being Active is a Crucial Part. Many people will out rank you when you are off. There are some people that may want to attack you only or they have put you on their list to attack. The more you rank down, they will know if your get on usually.

4) If you are becoming a prime farm. Spend you resources on Units. The more resources you have within your base, They will come back.
This is recommended if you are constantly being attacked. Do not let your enemy take your resources. If you do this your attacker may think you are not worth being a farm. Because it will be just a waste of the attacker?s food.

Join a Legion if needed or ask help of a friend.
They can send you support if needed.

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