Xsyon Skills List

Xsyon Skills List by vier This is a current list of every skill in game including some skills that have not yet been implemented or...

Xsyon Architecture Recipes List

Xsyon Architecture Recipes List by vier -=Architecture Decor=- Ceremonial Spear Metal Trough Scrapper?s Canopy Short Metal Ladder Long Metal Ladder Pioneer?s Canopy Old Car Seat Forager?s Canopy -=Architecture Fences=- Gatherer?s Fence Forager?s Fence Scruffer?s Fence -=Architecture Flooring=- Wooden Ply...

Xsyon Basketry Recipe List

Xsyon Basketry Recipe List by vier Current list of every basketry recipe -=Fabrics=- Grass Fabric Grass Scraps Bolt of Grass Fabric Grass Thread Grass String Grass Twine Grass Yarn Grass Braided Rope Grass Twisted Rope Grass...

Xsyon Bonecraft Recipe List

Xsyon Bonecraft Recipe List by vier -=Hugaleti Set=- Hugaleti Bearbone Greaves Hugaleti Bearbone Chestplate Hugaleti Bearbone Couter Hugaleti Bearbone Boots Hugaleti Bearbone Vambrace Hugaleti Bearbone Gauntlets Hugaleti Bearbone Helm Hugaleti Bearbone Poleyn Hugaleti Bearbone...

Xsyon Leathercraft Recipes List

Xsyon Leathercraft Recipes List by vier -=Misc=- Leather Strap Leather Tarp -=Helmets=- Novice?s Leather Helm Apprentice?s Leather Helm Craftsman?s Leather Helm Artisan?s Leather Helm Adept?s Leather Helm Mentor?s Leather Helm Master?s Leather Helm GrandMaster?s Leather Helm -=Hayburn...

Xsyon Tailoring Recipes List

Xsyon Tailoring Recipes List by vier -=Misc=- Fabric Cloth Scraps Bolt of Fabric Thread String Twine Yarn Braided Rope Twisted Rope Cloth Strap Cloth Tarp -=Helmets=- Novice?s Cloth Helm Apprentice?s Cloth Helm Craftsman?s Cloth Helm Artisan?s Cloth Helm Adept?s Cloth Helm Mentor?s Cloth...

Xsyon Tools List

Xsyon Tools List by vier Current list of every tool ingame -=Awls=- Scrapper?s Awl Woodhandle Awl Bonehandle Awl Stonehandle Awl -=Bevels=- Woodhandle Bevel Bonehandle Bevel Scrapper?s Bevel Scrapmetal Bevel -=Buckets=- Wooden Bucket Metal Bucket Scrapper?s Bucket Grass Bucket -=Paint Brushes=- Painter?s Brush Pioneer?s...

Xsyon Weapon Recipes List

Xsyon Weapon Recipes List by vier -=Axes=- Anevay Axe Manaba Axe Nukpana Spiked Axe Pati Curved Axe Bidzil Forked Axe Kohana Knife Axe Matwau Swift Axe Patamon Saw Axe Qatetaqa Toothed Axe Sani Standard Axe Wooden...

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