Yitien Clan Levels Guide


Yitien Clan Levels Guide?by RedPill

Alright since we don?t have one of these yet i?m going to start one. Feel free to add to it cause i cant remember all the stuff involved. Where i got gaps is where i can?t remember or don?t know the info. Some info provided by mine from s6 and R2Vet2 from s10.

Need 30,000 silver to start up clan.?W=Wealth

Level 1 buildings are 1200 W each.
Level 2 buildings are 4000 W each.
Level 3 buildings are 8000 W each.
Level 4 buildings are 20000 W each.
Level 5 buildings are 30000 W each.

Clan Hall

  • Level 1 6000 W
  • Level 2
  • Level 3 20,000 W.
  • Level 4 90,000 W.
  • Level 5 150,000 W.

Living Quarters, each level increases energy gained by 50.
Clan Shop, first level gets you 20 of certain items you can buy, then each level adds another 5.
Money tree, starts off by letting you gain wealth 4 times a day by shaking the tree after it gets watered 15 times, then each level adds another shake.
Fish Pond, (need info)

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