Yitien Event Mount Guide


Yitien Event Mount Guide?by ZanoDeSlayer

I would strongly recommend players to save up all mount orbs before event.

For players who had been wondering how many popsicles are requires in-order to get the Event mount.

I had did up a breakdown below for you.


Arena x1 popsicles
Delivery x1 popsicles
Fishing x1 popsicles
Daily Quests x2 popsicles
Refine x3 popsicles
Mount Training x3 popsicles

Mystery Shop x1 popsicles (200 Ingots)
Advanced Mount Training x6 popsicles
Rare Mount Gift Pack requires x95 popsicles

By completed Mission 1 ? 6, U will have 11 popsicles.
7 Days will be 77 popsicles.
3 Adv Mount Training, U will have 18 popsicles.

77 + 18 = 95 popsicles

Take Noted: Adv Mount Training Can be Done as many times you can, on the same day.
If you do three times it will display as: Adv Mount Training 3/1

Total Refine Stones and Mount Orbs needed.

150(Adv Mount) + 35 (7 Day?s Mount) = 185 Mount Orbs (6475 Voucher or 20350 Clan Contribution Points)

Depends on how many Voucher you have.
70 Mini Refine Stones = 350 Vouchers (Strongly recommended if you don?t have enough Mount Orbs)
70 Refine Stones = 1400 Vouchers


Wanna know if you have enough popsicles for the event mount on the last day?

Day 1: Mission 1-6: 11 Popsicle, With 3 Adv Mount: 29 Popsicle
Day 2: Mission 1-6: 22 Popsicle, With 3 Adv Mount: 40 Popsicle
Day 3: Mission 1-6: 33 Popsicle, With 3 Adv Mount: 51 Popsicle
Day 4: Mission 1-6: 44 Popsicle, With 3 Adv Mount: 62 Popsicle
Day 5: Mission 1-6: 55 Popsicle, With 3 Adv Mount: 73 Popsicle
Day 6: Mission 1-6: 66 Popsicle, With 3 Adv Mount: 84 Popsicle
Day 7: Mission 1-6: 77 Popsicle, With 3 Adv Mount: 95 Popsicle

I hope my effort will be useful.
I also hope that GM wont change the Event Mission (Mount Adv),
because of me giving tips on how to get Event Mount without Ingots.

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