Yitien Fate Guide


Yitien Fate Guide?by Valkyriella

1st u need press Inner Strength (O) and pick Fate i`ve marked it red on this Photo:

then it will open next page where you can see all ur Fate orbs what u been gotten by fighting agains Gogadon,
Gogadon your will find pressing?Guild (G)but that i will xplain later on new post so lets Continue our Fate thing

so 2th will open next kind of menu:

there alot things to tell so lets start on talent blessing lvl there you see you need Talent orbs what you can gain on Boxes when fighting agains Gogadon or by points you will get everyday at 0:00 20 points for free and refreshing mystery shop will give you 10 points too or if you buy ingots 10 ingots is 2 points so what higher amount of ingots you buy that more points u get and you need 25 points to buy Talent Orb;

now lets look those Fates what can boost your toon stats since this new system i dont know all yet in 100% so might be mistakes but when you are fighting Galedon and open those boxes there you can get all kind Fates i suggest first get attac and defence cos they my mind most important things to boost up if want survive but ofc people have own things how they like build toon up so its ok

so when you are on fighting Gagadon and there show up those boxes u gain Fate chest and when you open it you can get those all kinda fates and also Talent orbs to boost you stats or make you talent blessing level higher as start now i suggest try start on green ones if not posible get Garadon Growth higher what means even better fates, so when u open Fate and you pick u favorite to move it on to empty spot next to your sitting toon:

and you proly want lvl your Fate higher so when you pick 1 what you want use and get 1 or more thant your not going to use just pick that wrong 1 and move it to over that your Fate what you are using so it start get Xp wnd when it got enough xp it will grow higher lvl and then it gives more boost than before leveling it up what means your stats and BR will go higher.
and if you want use more fates you need make you essenses to specific lvl to open new spot to use more Fates

Heres Photo how lvl up Fates:

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