Yitien Fishing Guide


Yitien Fishing Guide?by cherryobaby

Fishing Event is available daily from:

  • 13:00 ? 14:00
  • 17:00 ? 18:00
  • 23:00 ? 23:58

Begin The Fishing Event
Click on?to enter.
After you enter, you are now ready to start fishing. Click on Cast Line to begin fishing.

The countdown will begin for you to catch your fish.

It takes 3 minutes to catch a fish so sit back and relax
There are 3 different types of ?fish? that you can get:

  • Herring-10 guild contribution, 1000 silver(bound), EXP (level dependent)
  • Catfish ? 20 guild contribution, 10 vouchers, EXP (level dependent)
  • Giant Salamander ? 50 guild contribution, 10 ingots, EXP (level dependent)

When you catch the fish they will be stored in your basket.

Your basket can hold up to 5 fish, but if you leave two or more fish in the basket you will run the risk of someone stealing one from you.

You have two options

  • TAKE ? places the fish in you inventory and protects it from thieves,
  • POND ? puts it in your clan pond and gives you contribution points(This option is only available if you are a member of a clan)

HOWEVER if you are in the mood to steal, you can click on someon else?s basket.

If they have 2 or more fish you can fight them to steal. If you win, the fish is yours to keep.

You can steal while you are still fishing, but don?t forget to watch you own

Tips: You can change rivers to find more people to steal from or avoid people who might steal from you.

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