Yitien Gogadon and Fate Guide


Yitien Gogadon and Fate Guide?by princessyeon

I made this guide also for my clan mates, to make them know how to fight the gogadon and obtain chest to get talent orbs and fate that they need to increase their power and battle rating.

This may not be the complete and perfect guide but i only want to help and share this one to all of you.

This Yitien new system is for making yourself stronger and increase ur power and battle rating after entering gogadon, fight the boss and get the chest to obtain fate orbs or colorful chest.


Feeding can obtain fate and increase Gogadon Growth. When the Growth reaches a certain level, the Gogadon?s level will change. The higher level of the Gogadon, the better the rewards.

Okay, vip can feed gagodon 2x a day and non vip for once. it cost 2000 coins for normal feed. if want colorful chest, u can refresh it using ingots.. 1x refresh = 11 2nd tym, 22, 3rd tym 33, so on so forth. the maximum color is legendary (orange)

Take note:?Even you got Higher color of chest, it does not mean you can obtain the best items.

Successfully killing the Clan Gogadon will earn extra rewards. The rewards are based on the damage ranking you inflicted during the battle.


LAST HITTER TO GOGADON = GOT more REWARD ( additional 5 chest)


This is the main key before you can open another slots for fate. Upgrade it so you can have more slots for your favorite fates ^^ See the picture below for corresponding fate slots.


Once all Essences reach lvl10, u can open ur fate slot already.. The higher the Essence level , the more slots can be opened.

only one fate of same kind can only used. (stealth lvl 1 and stealth lvl 3 = XXXXX try use another fate)

Colorful chest :

Common (White) 1 star

Uncommon (Green) 2 star

Rare (Blue) 3 star

Epic (Purple) 4 star

Legendary (Orange) 5 star

The higher level ur fate chest is, the more attribute bonuses you can get.


* the higher the fate color the more higher the attribute bonuses you may have
Attachment 44765

Savior = Defense

Hegemony = Attack

Will = HP

Stealth = Dodge

Swift = Attack speed

Marksman = Hit

Tiger = Block

Dragon = Crit

*More pictures will be added if I already complete the fates, the legendary and epic a little hard to obtain ^^


Low level fate or lower level color cant eat a higher level of fate nor higher color.

Want to synth : Just drag the low levels to your current fate (Should be higher than u will eat) eating low lvl fate will gain ur current fate EXP which it will be upgraded and give u higher bonus
*Added information i asked from memorylane:?You cannot synthesize the fate to make 1 higher color fate level.. Just like synthesizing a skill book..for example.. 5 pcs of uncommon savior to become 1 rare savior.. <?- this thing is cannot be. You can only synthesize it to feed your fates.

if you wrong eat, your fault. please read bfore click ok ok haha!

help yourself, choose first what fate u need. ask advice from clan before u do something u don?t know yet.


= this set will give you additional attribute bonuses for corresponding talent level.

While you upgrading talent, you will also accumulate talent BLESSINGS.. success or LOSE?you will earn Talent Blessing points according to the talent level

Use talent Orb to upgrade talent. Talent orb may get from fighting gogadon, and exchanging POINTS.

How to get points:

REfreshing mystery shop =10 points

Consuming 10 ingots from MS = 2 points (example u bought hero medal uncommon worth 35 i it will give u 6 points)

and every reset, sytem will automatically give u free 20 points

ADDED: You can also get talent orbs from VIP Daily Gift Pack.
and some events r2 making.. Like exchange events or rebates.

if you want to received blessing from talent, the talent blessings shud be higher than you talent set. recved it then upgrade talent set..

~ i suggest you collect talent orbs first before spamming upgrading ^^?

If you see, talent level 20, for example, you upgrade, it failed, it will downgrade to lvl 19, you upgrade, but failed, down to lvl 18, upgrade, failed again down to 17, then down to 16. So, Since your talent blessing is level 17 and your talent set is lvl 16, you can use Accept blessing (instead of locked icon) to go back to lvl 17. *note (even though ur talent down to lvl 15 if you use the accept blessing it will go back to lvl 17) That is what talent blessing do (note: it dont cost talent orbs which is free if you encounter that) As each upgrade of your talent , will gain your talent blessing 30 EXP success or failure.

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