Yitien Healer Skills Guide


Yitien Healer Skills Guide?by Alinalieze

What type your healer is ? Attacker , supporter or Blank [u don?t know what to do]
here i give the hint for all of u healer heroes out there (:
Keep read it till last page


Skill no 1. Fan Dance, the most skill u use in battle it wise to upgrade this to highest level. [if u can]

Skill no 2. Fan Gust, attack enemies in V shape. Use this skill on first turn to gain advantage from the massive hit to your enemies. [Lv up as soon as possible cause this very useful in arena to kill your enemies pet 1st]

Skill no 3. Take Aim add more hit as passive skill. In game only healer no need to worry so much about hit point because we have this skill. Healer aim is to counter sd class because they have high speed.

Skill no 4. Return to the springs. This skill is healing 1 person if the health point below 50%. If your pet low hp the skill will auto heal her. This skill do critical often and very lucky if the one it heal is us [hero] at lv 60 it can heal more 10-20k if u got hit by it in critical.

Skill no 5. Art of war. Temporary add more Attack, defense and speed point to your hero. This skill very useful teams but not in individual battle.[do not use it in arena unless your lv is high]

Skill no 6. Revive. If your allies is died this skill will automatic call him/her back with half of his/her max health point if LV1.[SD n warrior always complaint got overpowered by this skill]

Skill no 7. Horror Fan. Just like the name, this skill have scary unique skill that drain your enemy chi. This skill is the main point for healer if met another healer because chi for healer is very important.[do not mistake it as drain rage to counter war it not drain rage at all]

Skill no 8. Dazzling Glare. This unique and beautiful skill will bloom to your enemy zone with extra skill [-hit point of your enemy last 1 turn] if your enemies have less hit well in logic you will dodge they attack in the next turn when this skill hit them. [very useful to counter sky splitting SD]

Skill no 9. Healing Hands. Passive skill to add more percentage to healing skills [return to springs and white tiger aura] this skill is so dazzling u can see there it add 20% point on lv1. If my tiger is max it heal 69% +20% woah yummy right

Skill no 10. White Tiger Aura. Auto skill, casting if the rage point is 100. This skill is the most important cause it not use chi to use. [the 1st skill u need to reach max lv]

Here they go there more thing i want to write but i think more wise to write it another time, (:
Ty for reading this i hope this guide is useful for all of you healer heroes out there.
Until next time we met again. I will write again if i got free time later cu later (: bb

Healer is student. We keep study in this endless journey. don?t sad if you weak at beginning but be proud cause without healer there no Hospital

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