Yitien Insert Gems Guide


Yitien Insert Gems Guide?by DoktorPinoy

This guide will teach you to insert gems and what gem do I insert
Questions that I?ll answer
What do gems does?
How to make a slot for gems?
How to insert the gem?
What gem is necessary for a class when materials is limited?

Ok I?ll answer all of those First what do gems does? Gems has a lot of personalities.
There are 4 different Gems these are the

As i said each gems has it owns personality
Example: HP Gem gives HP to the character
Defense Gem gives defense to the character
and so on and so forth

You can also Synthesize these to get a better stats
As shown below the picture

Second question is How to make a slot for gem
Making a slot for Gems is a important thing you can?t use you?re gems
if there?s no slot to put with and before slotting a armor for gems you needs these items
Which can be bought with Vouchers and Ingots

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