Yitien Kunlun Mountains Guide


Yitien Kunlun Mountains Guide?by MrSneak

What is Kunlun Mountains?

A mystical place, where all players will disguise themselves as Yetis and hunt for treasure.

How do I participate in Kunlun Mountains?

1.Only player?s level 30 and above can enter the Kunlun Mountains.
2.Visit Cheung in the Royal City or enter when prompted on screen at 19:10 server time.

1.The player leading in points from kills
2.Time remaining for event
3.Time bar telling respawn of yeti
4.Your player kills (player kill quest)
5.Your Yeti kills (monster kill quest)

What do I do in Kunlun Mountains?

1.All participating players in the Kunlun Mountains will be dressed as Yetis.
2.Click on a ?Yeti? to enter battle.
3.You will either find yourself facing a Yeti or another player.
4.Defeating a real Yeti will earn you points and give you a chance to obtain treasures.
5.Defeating a player will earn you points but no treasures.
6.Complete quest for bonus reward after kunlun.

What reward may I obtain from participating in Kunlun Mountains?

There are 4 kinds of Yetis:
Enraged Yeti (epic)

Fierce Yeti (rare)

Strong Yeti (uncommon)

Ordinary Yeti (common)

Each Yeti may drop an item corresponding with type of Yeti defeated but will also drop lower type items.

During Kunlun Mountains there is a set number of kills which will grant rewards upon completion.

Players will be mailed rewards for participating in Kunlun Mountain after Kunlun Mountains is done. Experience, Honor, and Lesser Growth Orbs.

How do I tell a real ?Yeti? from a player?
I have found that a real ?Yeti? will walk slowly more so than player.
If a player defeats a certain amount of players without dying he will be branded with the title ?Mysterious Yeti?.

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