Yitien Legendary Lvl 70 Weapons Guide


Yitien Legendary Lvl 70 Weapons Guide?by johanputraa

well? this is how it?s works?
let?s say? you have Legendary Frost Sword 15 star? and lvl 70 you get Heaven Sword Legendary 0 star
this guide? will make you not lose your ?legendary? frost sword? by convert to another equipment?

1st steps?
first? prepare for equipment you want to convert? which is epic? for example your necklace? (with 10 stars for example)
second? enchant your legendary heaven sword to 1 star?
third? convert your 10 stars necklace to your heaven sword? (you?LL get legendary heaven sword with 10 stars and epic necklace with 0 star)
fourth? enchant your necklace to 1 star? and convert back your heaven sword to your necklace? (you?LL get 10 stars legendary necklace and epic heaven sword)

2nd steps?
fifth? enchant your epic heaven sword to 1 star?
sixth? convert your Legendary Frost Sword to your epic heaven sword? look at what you?ve got now?

you?LL need 3 mini enchant stone?
good luck?

IGN : ShaLa
S11 The Emei River

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