Yitien Non Cash Player Guide


Yitien Non Cash Player Guide?by Issei_Hyodou

The tips based on my Level


1. Create 2-3 account and use 1 account for your main?
The main purpose of this extra is for ur items,material,ingots,silver bank?.

2. If u create 3 account? choose one as ur main char..
Has three different classes..make sure on of them is a healer?

3. When go fishing always steal the alt char Epic fish or rare?

2.?Which Clan Should U JOIN?

Just join a stable clan,and everyday do gogadon, at least adult of course.

3.?I need Wife?

LoL, This is the tough part?.
First u can marry ur hero with ur own other hero..

If u looking for other the players?

Increase the intimacy first before marry!! At least 1K, cuz nobody want to waste high intimacy..
Find partner who can cooperate with u?Everything must be fit and same..Online Time,Active and almost same BR with u,stronger is better..
Stronger player is serious to play..

4.?***?Enchanting is so hard!!!

What can i say?after doing some test and asking about others opinion,,This thing need patience?

1. Save ur voucher for enchant
2. Only use 10 stone in a day maximum.. U r not using cash lol to get it and not using any luck scroll at the most..
3. But if u use luck scroll,it will save ur stone somehow? (The trick i will update it later)

5.Refine?There is no max bonus!!

Only refine some of ur item? No need to ultra refine if u gonna change it to the new equipment..
The more u refine the more chances to get good ones

6.My pet is So Weak..

One thing for sure,,u got no ingots to buy pellet,bad luck in kulun, u r dead meat?
The solution is in kulun itself,even u cannot give 1 hit kill to the yeti,what should u do?
Find a perfect spot in the room,save and clear?Dont forget to let ur others Char participate too..

7.What should i buy in clan shop?

1. Buy Talent Orb Make it To talent lvl 20 or Blessing
2. Upgrade Ur Mount
3. Got Outfit upgrade at least to lvl 5
4. GGO, untill ur pet Epic
5. Rare medal for emergency quest
6. Formation if u really need it

8.U dont need for always selling item brother!!

U think ingots is everything?Selling items until u get enough.. Stop joking..
Items u does not need to sell is meridian material and pellet!! First,when u sell it,,u just helping other people becoming stronger!!
And at last after completed the goals ur *** will be kicked by them? Cuz L70 weapon draining ur HP?

Selling pellet?Dont think about it when ur pet still soft.. Even u desperately need ingots or silver? U need to be a collector man.. Not only ?salesman??

9.?What u should sell?

Only sell lesser growth orb n extra items in ur inventory?
If u keep selling there is no items for ur char..
Here Let me tell some how i can get my VIP without recharge?
First I do Go ST with friends 70k br + to pass freely L3 with L6 1 revive? L9 ST 50% chance u will not dead if the total of your teammate 76k br..
Then I got drop, i will check first which important equip i have enchanted it to 15? if the necklace,weapon,rings,tunic and pants already 15 star.. i make it legend first?this part will make u more stronger to revive only once in L12..

After that, while HS price still high sell it man!! cuz when the time pass by the HS price from 500 will drop lower just like low lvl epic item..

Seriously.. when i got ingots i buy pellet lvl3 in Mystery Shop..Cuz pellet lvl1 i sold it?to make everday my ingots running i sell item..

10.?What should i buy if got ingots?

First u need to buy Greater refresh orb..Make sure ur pet aptitude 85+ first..then use it..
See mystery shop?Buy pellet n some luck scroll(if u want to buy luck scroll)
Superior Enchant Stone?That items for rich player man..We dont have chance to buy it much..
Yes,VIP is the most important thing if u got ingots.. U need it for enchant n others benefit..
Save some to lock in refining items?

Assume u have 2k ingots.. n ur enchanting almost all 15 star?n with completed lvl70 goals

Buy Superior enchant stone as much as u can..
Buy Pellet? Not lvl 2 pellet but lvl3 pellet?lvl2 pellet better sell it..after ur pet completed the lvl2 pellet..
Dont buy holy stone so much..its easy cuz u r broke.. that thing high price man..

11.Legendary weapons?

Some cash dude players talk to u? ?Hey just upgrade ur equipment into legendary??? U r so hard to get the stone(holy mini stones)..N wasted it in the early game.. It can be converted form hades to royal?
Cuz form starting now u r going for harder challange!! its the Silent Temple

What Most Important Things U should Make It Legend?

Here my friends? There Is 6 Most Important Equipment u must make it legend n enchant it first..

a.Why U must Legend the?WEAPON?

The first important Things is your Attack? So legend it first, but warning!Try to Complete goals lvl70 first.. If not u just waste holy stone.

b.Why U must Legend the?Tunic?
The defense and HP is increased? Even the skill not nice to u, but your Stat helps a lot in many way..

c.Why U must Legend the?Necklace?

Attack, its all about attack? Nothing more to say..

d.Why U must Legend the?Pants?

Even ur hero attack is high? By the time lack of hp n defense,in other word so Soft.. In party battle usually u easily can be killed first..

e.Why U must Legend the?Rings?

The rings give u more attack bonus if u make it legend.. Second is about Ur Killing Skill is important in there..

Exceptional for warrior to make a Legend Bracelet..

Warrior main skill is about the rage.. Tanking Mode) ..The Higher the rage, the more damage will be reduced? Everyone will hate if u rage +20k at least?. <<< I hate it too

12.?That unicorn is so nice,can i buy it?

Hello there,u got ingots somehow want to buy that thing?After complete buying book skill in shop,, then u can buy it..Using honor of course..

13.?I like that outfit man,,so style?lo n flashy?

Uh??Actually the main problem for the wardrobe is u need to buy it all for good bonus..
For the time being others part still not coming out!

14.I need good party and friend?

First u need to know?What u wanna become in the games?
If u aiming to be top player -Money is the solution-
If u want to keep up with others keep playing every events..Time consuming isnt?

What kind of people u need to be in ur main team party?
1. In the same clan of course
2. Can cooperate n active.
3. Same Online time
4. Same Br or Higher than yours

15.Delivery and Farm?

Yes,the stronger one like to steal from yours..
Just deliver using none medal..
If got more silver, use nice n shiny medal with insurance for delivery
Sharing and stealing is different things..

U r not buying thing much in mystery shop..
Just buy essence seed only.. U need it the most for ur fate slot..
Some steal ur special fruit? kick it.. U just need to steal from ur others char..
(Give permission for important player to steal ur fruit,Wife maybe?)
Dont try to steal others special fruit..That is not sharing?

Show Respect,People will like u..
Only idiots doesnt have etiquette?

16.?ONLY USE?RARE?equipment and?EPIC

A lot of new players using uncommon a.k.a green items..
Use at least a rare dude.. its better?


1. Make Ur Alt character inventory full
2. Just go as usual?
3. When the epic drop u will get it?

18.?Character Goals

1. Set A target how many BR u should gain in every level
2. To know ur char strong enough or not (It must pass Master Boss-Daily Quest-)
3. BR goals
LVL50 25k
LVL60 40k
LVL70 60k
LVL80 80k


This is just my opinion,
I dont mind u hate it or want to complain it?
What do i care?

Being a noob sometimes is fun?

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