Yitien Tips and Tricks


Yitien Tips and Tricks?by Theos

1. Delivery

~Each Cargo last for 20 minutes
~Delivery Event gives additional 50% bonus exp and silver
~Exp & Silver lost when cargo is stolen: 20% of total delivery quest reward
~Cargo?s exp & silver reward increases after each every delivery

A. First-Come, First-Served?
1. Take your cargo 10-15 minutes before the Delivery Event begins.
2. DO NOT FINISH the Delivery Quest yet, go AFK somewhere in the map near the NPC whom you will give the cargo and for the event to start.
3. When the Delivery Event begins, finish the quest and you will receive exp & silver(bound) with the additional bonus from the delivery event.

B. Steal Wisely
~Check the exp & silver(bound) before stealing a cargo.
~The higher the player?s level is, the better exp & silver(bound) can be stolen.
~The higher the cargo quality is, the better exp & silver(bound) can be stolen.
~LAST DELIVERY CARGO (3/3) is the best cargo to steal.
*Prioritize player?s level rather than the cargo quality

2. Arena?

~Arena battles are based on real-time which means you will be fighting the current state of your enemy.
A. Win-Win
1. Find someone you know (clan mate, friend, etc) who?s either 10 ranks below or 10 ranks above you.
2. The character with higher rank will take off equipments until the other character can easily beat him/her.
3. Repeat step 2 for the 2nd character.
4. Repeat until all attempts are used.

B. Seesaw
1. Take off your equipments (do this when you have nothing much to do other than AFK).
2. Wait till someone attacks you or till you have a sure-win target.
3. Wear equipments and attack, then repeat step 1.

*If you can?t find someone to do the first method you can use this.

3. Refresh

~Rewards are automatically received by the winner when the battle starts.
~When in a party and you are inside the dungeon/Heavenly Peak then one member got disconnected, you can wait for him/her to reconnect.
~As long as one party member remains connected, the other members can return to previous map/dungeon after logging in.

A. Free HP & Chi Recovery?
~This only works on your character, pet?s HP will not recover
~If you use this when you are inside dungeon, Heavenly Peak, Kunlun, Grove of Valor, Clan Battles,?you will be kicked out of the map/dungeon
~How? Simply refresh your game tab/browser

B. Dungeon & Heavenly Peak
1. You?MUST?be in a party (preferably with your partner for intimacy)
2. After the battle begins, other member/s will refresh their game,
3. After the other member/s have successfully returned to the game back into the map, the remaining player will refresh.
4. Then attack the next target and repeat step 2.

*Trick??3.A. Free HP & Chi Recovery??applies here
*This will be helpful for Non-VIP players in climbing Heavenly Peak (especially when they ran out of skips)
*All rules are still applied here: World level?s bound-unbound items, Exp Orb durations, Buff Orbs durations, etc.
*If all of the party members refresh at the same time, everyone will be thrown out of the dungeon wasting the remaining battles left.
*This will save you some time from a few seconds up to minutes depending on party members refresh time.
*I can finish dungeons manually with a party in 3 minutes, doing this reduces the time into 1-2 minutes.

C. Simple Single Battles
~You can also use this trick to quickly end simple but long battles like:

  • Arena (Non-VIP)
  • Dueling for Treasure (Non-VIP)
  • Stealing MFP slot
  • Stealing Delivery Cargo
  • Masters (First-time challenge only, after winning ?skip? and/or ?blitz? functions will be available)

~How? Simply refresh your game tab/browser after the battle begins

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