Yitien World Level Benefits Guide


Yitien World Level Benefits Guide?by Theos

~the average level of the top 20 players in Level Ranking.
~sets the level required for players to get unbound items.
~updates everyday at 12:00 AM server time.

When can I get unbound items?
~Minimum requirement is 10 levels below the world level.

Example: [WORLD LEVEL: 60]
~Players who are level 50 and above can obtain UNBOUND items.
~Players who are level 49 and below can only receive BOUND items.

What is World Benefits?
~World Benefits system activates when world level reach level 50.
~World Benefits is a reward system and at the same time an exchange system
~Rewards (either Exp or Silver(bound)) available depends on the players level in relation to the world level.

~Players who are?7 levels or more?below the world level will receive?experience,?the rest will receive?silver(bound).

Where can I find the ?World Level?
~You can see the world level inside the world benefits by hovering your mouse?s arrow above the ?Rules?.

~You can also see the world level inside the Rankings window.

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