Yu-Gi-Oh! Madolche After Clash of Rebellions Guide


Yu-Gi-Oh! Madolche After Clash of Rebellions Guide?by EvilswarmKery

Hey there! It?s been awhile since I?ve done anything Madolche related so I decided to whip up a guide on the various ways to play Madolche leading off with the current way I?m playing the deck.

So, I?ll start off with a picture form of deck then I?ll break it down card by card.

This is the current decklist for Madolche I?m running as of right now that I?m fondly calling ?Sweet and Sour Chicken Madolche?

17 Monsters:

  • 3x Madolche Magileine One of the staple cards that every Madolche deck runs 3 of. While it does use up a normal summon to get the effect to add a Madolche monster to hand, adding a combo piece is well worth it to the deck. Typically you?ll be adding Anjelly to hand due to the number of ways the deck has to combo with her.
  • 3x Madolche Anjelly Probably one of the best cards printed for the deck. It is your central combo piece to the deck and opens up many two card combos into Tiaramisu. Pretty much if you can summon Anjelly and a level 3 monster you can do your combo.
  • 2x Madolche Messengelato One of the combo pieces that you grab out of the deck with Hootcake?s effect. The reason this card is run at 2 is to minimize drawing into it since it?s a relatively dead card in the hand due to the effect of grabbing a Madolche spell/trap is tied to it being special summoned. Typically when performing your combo you?ll be using this to grab Madolche Ticket.
  • 2x Madolche Mewfeuille Simply put, Mewfeuille is only good when you?re able to use him for your combo and is otherwise pretty bad. He?s also terrible when you draw multiples in your hand due to the fact this variant runs rank 3s for the combo as opposed to pure decks that run the combo rank 3s and more generic rank 3s as well. If Madolche ever get a good rank 3 for combo purposes this card could go higher, but don?t go above 2 for now.
  • 2x Madolche Hootcake Alright, time to talk about one of the more debated Madolche monsters. He?s not debated about whether you should run him or not, simply the number that he should be run at. There tends to be a lot of focus around this card in various builds of Madolche, mostly by throwing in hand traps to fuel his effect. However, I would say that he falls to the same problem as Messengelato in that he is pretty awful when he?s just sitting in your hand.
  • 1x Madolche Puddingcess One of the newer techs to the deck as of Crossed Souls. There is a point to be made with this card in that this deck strives to have high consistency but Puddingcess is by herself an inconsistent card. So, what does Puddingcess bring to the table that makes her worth running in the deck? She brings the true effect of Puddingcess Chocolat-a-la-Mode to life. She also has the nice condition of being a beater (1800ATK off the bat if you don?t have cards in the grave) plus her ability to destroy a card on the opponent?s side of the field when she attacks a monster can be incredibly useful. However, she herself is mostly just gravy added on when you complete your Tiaramisu combo so you?ll typically only be summoning her via Ticket.
  • 2x Spell Striker Ah Spell Striker, probably one of the biggest reasons I don?t play pure Madolche. Simply put, Spell Striker is here for 3 main reasons. Reason 1: He is searchable off Reinforcements of the Army. Reason 2: He?s a level 3 that can be special summoned very simply to combo with Tiaramisu (there?s 21 spells in the deck and 3 of them can search him making him immediately summonable). Reason 3: He?s a level 3 EARTH monster so he can be used with T.G. Striker to make Naturia Beast, arguably one of the better synchros that can be made in this format in my opinion. Overall just tons of utility on this little guy, plus you?re always going to trip someone up with him attacking directly and then getting attacked into only for them to realize you don?t take damage from battles involving that card which is pretty sweet.
  • 2x T.G. Striker Lastly, to round out the monster we have our tuner. There?s not too much to say about him because his purpose in the deck is to give access to Naturia Beast. There is a neat little thing with him and Spell Striker where if you have either of the two cards in hand along with Reinforcements of the Army you can search for the one you don?t have, normal T.G. Striker then special summon Spell Striker to make a turn 1 Naturia Beast. Overall he?s just there to make Naturia Beast for the deck and to occasionally get banished for Hootcake effect if the time calls for it.

21 Spells:

  • 2x Madolche Chateau The of-so-important field spell of the deck. All the effects on this card are good and are useful in various situtations. The 500 ATK and DEF are always welcome due to the fact that most of the main deck Madolche monsters are lacking in the stats department. Being able to return combo pieces to hand is almost always welcome to help maintain card advantage. Plus it?s great that when you first activate it, it shuffles all your Madolche cards back to the deck/extra deck which can come in handy after a board wipe. Plus the last effect triggers Ticket is you already have it out. Only thing you have to work around is to make sure you don?t accidentally activate the card and shuffle away your Hootcake/Tiaramisu pieces in the grave since shuffling the cards back in is mandatory.
  • 2x Madolche Ticket Personally, this is my go-to spell card to search off of Messengelato?s effect. The requirements to get the search and special summon ability are insanely easy to accomplish with Tiaramisu which leads to gaining a lot of extra advantage or enough damage to push for the OTK. However, this card does have the issue where it might as well have ?please hit me with MST? written all over it if your opponent knows anything about Madolche. So while the effect is good, don?t rely on it sticking around for very long if at all.
  • 3x Chicken Game Ah yes, probably one of the most hated cards that I?ve seen in a long while. While this card has gained infamy of making FTKs more reliable, it also has a nice home in Madolche. One of the things holding Madolche back prior to Chicken Game is their consistency. The same can be said with many decks that need combo starters in hand and combo pieces in the deck, consistency is taken away from those kinds of decks in favor of strong plays. Well, Chicken Game kind of does away with that idea due to the insane consistency it gives. Paying the 1000 LP to draw a card is relatively insignificant (and it?s even safer than something like paying 800 for scout due to Chicken Game saying you can?t respond to the life points being paid). Plus the fact that it?s a field spell works especially well for us since it can be searched out by terraforming, but it can also be overridden with our field spell so our opponent doesn?t get the same luxury of drawing off our field spell.
  • 3x Terraforming Have you ever wished there were cards to search your cards that thin your deck? That?s terraforming in a nutshell. This card lets you start really start digging into your deck very quickly. Plus, it?s a way to search a Madolche spell card for when you already have an Anjelly + level 3 monster combo to allow you to potentially OTK. Again on the idea of Chicken Game, the deck needed more consistency and the Terraforming + Chicken Game engine helped that immensely (because nothing says consistency than going down to like 28 cards in deck turn 1).
  • 3x Upstart Goblin Again more consistency to the deck. Giving your opponent 1000 LP can be harmful to your OTK, but getting the combo and making your opponent take large amounts of damage while disrupting their board is more beneficial than getting a strict OTK.
  • 3x Instant Fusion So much utility packed into such a small ramen cup. So this card has quite a few uses in the way the deck is currently built. For the level 3 fusion aspect, it?s a level 3 card for Anjelly combos and a level 3 EARTH type for T.G. striker plays into Instant Fusion. For the level 4 fusion aspect it?s there to be activated at the end of the Anjelly + level 3 combo when you special summon Messengelato at the end off of Ticket so you can instant fusion into a warrior to overlay into Blade Armor Ninja. For the level 5 aspect, it?s similar to the level 4 but instead of Messengelato off of ticket it?s Puddingcess so you can overlay the level 5 EARTH fusion into Madolche Puddingcess Chocolat-a-la-Mode. Overall a great card to be playing in Madolche.
  • 3x Reinforcement of the Army This is what makes your Striker engine consistent. I talked about it a bit with T.G. Striker but this card + either striker = Naturia Beast. Plus you can use it to search Spell Striker which immediately gives you a spell card in the grave to be able to special summon him, effectively turning ROTA into another 3 monster to combo with Anjelly.
  • 1x Mystical Space Typhoon Good disruption spell. Just didn?t feel right not running at least 1 in the main deck, but the other 2 are in the side deck.
  • 1x Raigeki A better Dark Hole. Clears the field of annoying cards like Majesty?s Fiend or other cards the deck might have trouble against.

2 Traps:

  • 2x Royal Decree You?re not running any real traps, why would you let your opponent use traps either? Personally I think this is an overall great blanket protection card. With lack of Trapstuns and MST in the main, there needs to be something to help stop your opponent from interrupting your combo. Plus the fact that many people will make you go first (so you can?t combo them) gives you ample opportunity for Naturia Beast + Royal Decree turn 1 plays (being on the other end of that is an extremely frustrating experience from what I?ve been told).

Well that does it for the 40 card Main deck, let?s move on to the Extra Deck.

  • 2x Madolche Queen Tiaramisu The boss monster of the deck and, in my opinion, one of the best rank 4s in the game. The ability to non-target non-destroy 2 cards is insanely good especially when you?re recycling your own cards to do it. 2200 ATK body which is often 2700 thanks to the field spell is no joke and is a large reason why this deck is playable.
  • 2x Madolche Puddingcess Chocolat-a-la-Mode A card I think was much needed in the Madolche archetype. Madolche have relatively good effects stuck on small bodies which made monsters that were immune to Tiaramisu effect (looking at you tribute summoned Qliphort monsters) that have over 2700 ATK are very hard to deal with. Then comes along Puddingcess Chocolat-a-la-Mode with an easy summoning condition (Madolche version of Gaia Charger) and a whopping 3000 ATK with the field spell. Suddenly Madolche have an out to strong monsters (unfortunately not Towers) for when Tiaramisu can?t get the job done. As for why we run 2, 1 for the Gaia Charger effect, and the 2nd for overlaying any of our level 5 EARTH monsters (Pair Cycroid, Naturia Beast) with Puddingcess to get the really nice secondary effect of Chocolat-a-la-Mode.
  • 2x Leviair the Sea Dragon One of the better combo pieces for the deck. Typically you?ll be getting back an Anjelly that was banished off the effect of Hootcake with this card. One thing to remember with this variant of the deck is you?re often not going to be using your Mewfeuille + Anjelly combo so you won?t have 2 Madolche monsters under Leviair, so be sure you detach the Hootcake and NOT the other level 3 you have under it since you need a target for Tiaramisu.
  • 1x M-X-Saber Invoker Typically you don?t use this card, but it comes up in situations where you have Mewfeuille and Hootcake along with another level 3 which allows you to go into your combo without Anjelly. Much less likely, but dedicating 1 extra deck slot to it is fine.
  • 1x Downerd Magician The rank 3 cards are a little flimsy on their own so after attacking it?s best to overlay Downerd. 2500ATK with piercing is a bit sturdier than 1600 or 1800.
  • 1x Blade Armor Ninja Typically this is used with either the Mewfeuille + Hootcake + Another level 3 combo against a clear monster zone for an OTK or it?s used with Anjelly + level 3 + Instant Fusion so you can special summon Messengelato then use Karbonala Warrior for the Blade Armor Ninja.
  • 1x Gagaga Cowboy This is essentially a free space for any rank 3 or rank 4 you might want to put into the extra deck. Personally I?m using cowboy since he can certainly steal some games, but would probably replace it with Diamond Crab King if I had one.
  • 1x Fusionist See what I wrote about Instant Fusion for details.
  • 1x Karbonala Warrior See what I wrote about Instant Fusion and Blade Armor Ninja for details
  • 1x Pair Cycroid Any level 5 EARTH fusion that can be summoned off Instant Fusion works for this slot. For why I run it, see what I wrote about Instant Fusion and Puddingcess for details.
  • 2x Naturia Beast I think this is one of the best synchros available right now if your deck can make it. Not only does it screw pendulum decks, but it also helps stop blowout cards that destroy your board if you fail to OTK like Raigeki. Also, it?s a level 5 EARTH monster, so you can overlay it and Puddingcess into Chocolat-a-la-Mode.

That?s it for the deck. The side deck is really up to you as an individual depending on what level of competition you plan on taking the deck as well as what you expect to see. My locals is mostly Qliphort, Shaddolls and Satellarknights with a splash of Masked HEROs so my side deck reflects that.

Other potential Madolche builds:

  • ?A Girl?s Best Friend? Gemknight Madolche
  • TeleJelly (don?t play this version. The whole gimmick of the deck is being able to make Naturia Beast and the striker + ROTA engine does it so much better due to not having dead tuners in your hand)

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