Yu-Gi-Oh! True King Dinosaur Combo Tutorial #13 Calamities + Draw 4!


Hey what is up guys it’s okra 1993 here and today’s video is going to be an updated combo tutorial video about true king dinosaur deck and in particular about a combo that will allow you to go into trooping of all calamities and draw four Cards into the process, of course, this is the post bandless version. As you know, we lost jet synchron and mecha phantom vista lion, but this is not an actual problem, at least by doing this combo you will have no problems at all.

So, let’s get started but before we start subscribe to our channel, if you’re not already, if you wan na see some other dino videos or some other yu-gi-oh related videos, please subscribe get a like on the video. If you like it, let’s reach 100 likes. Follow me. Okay, free on youtube, facebook and instagram follow my competitive team. The only players on instagram and on facebook you’ll find all the links in the description box below and download the yu-gi-oh dual calculator application to check your life points on android device. So let’s get started and as you can see and from the title and as you can see from here of course, my goal. It is always to go into trooping of all calamities. Since i think that it is one of the best cards in the game – and i like to win games with raider of ease, of course, the key to the combo is the animadorn arkasaur. This card is so strong.

It is hyped in price, a lot and the reason why is that, with this card, you can really do crazy, combos in a really easy way. Maybe too easy and dinos is kind of like untouched in the balance. So, let’s see how to perform this combo, you got ta have a miscellaneous and a baby, but of course we have a lot, as you know, as you should know, a lot of different variants to this, so we can have a oviraptor. We can have a couple of fossil digs. We can have different really a lot of different ways to go into this combo. Even fossil leak plus foolish burial. It is full combo once again. So let’s get started and remember that this is an example and remember that we got of course three other cards in our hand: okay, doesn’t matter what they are. So, let’s get started by activating miscellaneous effects and send it to the graveyard.

Then we activated miscellaneous secondary effect by banishing itself in order to special someone uh level level, one dinosaur from the deck, which is, of course, the animador archosaur arcosaur, will activate his effect by popping one dinosaur in our hand or in our side of the field, except Itself, of course, in order to add a copy of double evolution pill. So, as you can see, we got four cards in n already, then babysitters also will trigger, of course, once again and will give to us a dinosaur which is level four or lower. Of course, we’re gon na choose the overreactor that we trigger and will add to us another copy of babysitters or since we like these effects that are not once per turn at this point.

As you should know, we still have our normal sum of valuable, so we’re gon na normal, summon babies resource and we activate obvious secondary effects. We pop the baby and re-summon another baby from the graveyard. In this way, the baby in the graveyard will trigger and will give to us, the uh drug iel. Of course, as you can see, this is the usual setup and all the combos will start from here, also the other combos that you will find on the internet. If you’re looking for some other combos, you can go up here and check out my computerial playlist, and if you want to check the deck profile for this deck, you can go up here and check it out. I will leave you the link.

This is the normal setup, with these four monsters in here. What you want to do in this scenario, it is going into crystal archive fabrics. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have just synchron by using specifically juror, yellow and oviraptor, so we have to leave those two cards in here on the field and we go and special someone christian aka fabrics, sorry for the proxy, but i sold my five rocks before The ban list, because i was so scared at this point – firebrax – will activate this effect and we go ahead and special someone that’s pro 001 directly from our deck.

Even if you draw this, you can special someone from the hand. So it’s not a problem. This card is so cool because you get someone when you special someone the auradone tokens, since they are both machines, as you know, so this card will get someone also from the graveyard, and it is a nerf attribute. So if you draw it alongside with a baby and um, for example, uh lisa zajim, you will, you will be able to activate liz ajim and also resolve the effect of lizard to banish three cards from the opponent’s extra deck. Giving you the knowledge of what is playing so we special someone.

That’S one, zero, zero one. At this point, the reason why we decided to keep the arcosaurus into the field. It is because we can synchro away a tuner plus a non-tuner one plus one, and we can go in our extra deck and special summon the formula synchro, which is a level two machine. Tuner monster so for more synchro will provide one card. So that’s the first card that we’re gon na draw in this combo and we already have five cards in our hand. At this point is formal synchron. It is a machine type. We can link away both the fibrox and the former synchron to go into the mecha phantom based auroradon aerodon will activate its effect and will grant to us the possibility to special summon three tokens, so it is basically scapegoat scapegoat that will complete itself because despot zero, Zero one will activate his effect in this moment, since two or more machine monsters were special someone from the uh to the field, so we can spread some of this card from the graveyard as well. So that’s the situation, remembering that these tokens are are level three.

So at this point we go ahead and syncro someone away a level, one plus a level two plus a level three token plus another level. Three token that makes nine. So we synchro everything away in order to go to the ravenos crocodragon arcatis, which is a super cool synchro monster that will allow you to draw cards equal to the number of the non-tuner monsters that you used in order to special sum on this card, meaning that We’Re gon na draw other three cards from our deck one, two and three, and as you can see in this moment, we got eight cards in our hand, which is absolutely nonsense.

Okay, guys, this is nonsense and we still have a double level peel to activate and some other cards that we don’t even know what they are, but it doesn’t matter. Most important thing is that we have the possibility to reach to one extender. That can be a true king monster, which would be pretty fine, because if you draw into a true king, it means that you can probably go ahead, especially someone a level nine, so you can go overlay and get into your calamities or uh even better. It is if you get the access to the giant tracks, i’m not telling that you have to run more copies of giant racks, but in this combo string it is important to get the access to giant drags, which is pretty pretty uh possible because you get you Got other three copies of fossil dig, then you can draw into giant tracks itself or you can draw into a foolish burial, for example.

So you will need an extender at this point, because when you activate the pill by banishing a rags that probably you draw into in another random card, which is a non-dinosaur, you will get to go into another tax collators or into uh ultimate conductor. Tyranno, okay, depending on your choice, i personally prefer to go into cutlass because it will provide an extra negation and will protect your trucking of all calamities from impermanence, which is pretty pretty important. So, assuming that one of the cars that we draw, it is a giant track, so we’re gon na remove one of the cars that we draw.

Okay, so giant tracks will summon itself from the penis pile and then at this point you got three monsters that you can banish alongside all together in order to go to the shula fusion. That will be someone in this easy way. That makes no sense to me in my opinion, and then you can of course, overlay these two and go into tricking of all calamities and end your turn there after you activated the pill. Of course, if you don’t go into a giant tracks, because it is also possible, of course, you can just go into double evil pill, sacrifice the monster that you are gon na someone with the peel itself and banish it uh, together with the auradon and the second Token, so if you don’t get to the giant tracks, it doesn’t matter, you will go into calamities, anyways, okay, guys, so these combos is basically calamities plus draw four but 99 of the time you get calamities on the field, alongside with overtax class loss or the uct, That will provide another layer of negation and probably some hand traps also into your hand if you’re running the hand drop line up, so that’s it for today.

I really hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know in the comments down below what do you think about this combo tutorial, and what do you think about my deck list that you can find up here remember: go and check it out. Let’S reach 100 likes on this video subscribe to our channel. If you’re not already, let’s grow up together even more follow me. Okay on youtube, facebook and instagram follow my competitive team. The omniplayers on instagram and on facebook you’ll find all the links in the description box below and download the yu-gi-oh dual calculator application to check your life points see you in the next one

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