What’s up everybody? Once again my name is Matt and welcome back to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Today, I’m going to be showing you the best methods to farm for the legendary dragon parts. In case you don’t know, Breath of the Wild features three dragon spirits: Dinraal, Naydra, and Farosh. All of these dragons drop unique items that are required to unlock different shrines and upgrade armor. So naturally you’ll want to collect a ton of them. Before we begin you’ll need some basic items: like wood something to light the wood with like a great flame blade, and a bow. I would recommend the Swallow Bow due to its increase range, and that’s basically it. So let’s start with Farosh. This is by far the easiest dragon to farm. If you’ve seen my rupee grinding video, this method is essentially the same, but I’ll run through it real quick. First things, first make your way to this spot on the map. It’s near Riola Spring, south of Mount Floria. The closest shrine to teleport to is the Shoda Sah Shrine.

Once you make it up from the shrine, look for this large tree on the left side of the spring. You can place a bundle of wood here for your campfire and this tree will protect it from the rain. Then just simply use the campfire to sleep until morning and as soon as you regain control of Link, Farosh will spawn from the center of the spring. Once you have them in your sights, you can shoot any part you might need such as the horn, the scales, fangs, or even the claws. You can of course repeat this process as much as you would like until you have enough of what you need.

Alrighty now let’s move on to Naydra. I should mention this only works once you free Naydra from the Spring of Wisdom. But assuming you’ve done that already head over to Lanayu Promenade, Northwest of Lanayu Bluff. The closest Shrine is the Dow Na’eh Shrine. You’ll have to climb up a cliff just like with Farosh, but you should be able to find this large tree which you can then set up a camp fire underneath and sleep until morning. Now Naydra spawns all the way on the top of Mount Lanayu and travels down through the promenade. Unlike with the other dragons we can’t set up shop near her spawn. For whatever reason doing so causes her to either not show up at all, or spawn in a completely different area. So really our only choice is to that wait a little bit longer for her to come to us. This is probably the longest you’ll have to wait per dragon part but it will be worth it in the long run. Once you see Naydra fly by just hit her with an arrow and she’ll drop her items.

As always aim for the correct part of the dragon to make sure you get the proper item that you’re looking for. And lastly let’s check out Dinraal. Dinraal is another easy dragon to farm. You’ll want to set yourself up on top of the Eldin Great Skeleton. This is way north of the entire Eldn region, and it really isn’t easy to get to from any other shrine. But I do recommend traveling from the Gorae Torr Shrine and walking west until you reach the Skeleton. You can set up your campfire on top of the skeleton since rain isn’t going to be a problem here. Just use that campfire to sleep until morning and wait until around am. Dinraal should spawn in the sky and fly down directly past the Skeleton, giving you plenty of time to line up a shot and get the part you need. Of course feel free to rinse and repeat these processes as many times as you would like in order to get all the dragon parts that you’ll ever need So there you have it.

Pretty simple methods for farming each of the legendary dragons. With that I think I’m going to end off this video. So if you guys enjoyed it a like rating would be greatly appreciated. You want to see more of my videos consider subscribing, but once again guys my name is Matt, thank you so much for watching, and I’ll catch you in the next one. [outro music].

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