Before starting, you will need 9-10 arcs that fire 3 or more arrows at the same time. The arch of Lynel, the arch of Forest Dweller, and the arch of the great eagle will work. Travel to the Hawa Koth sanctuary in the Gerudo Desert in the southwest near the Fountain of the Great Fairy. Go north and you will see a giant skull inside there will be a Bokoblins camp. Afterwards, you will have to disarm each one of the Bokoblins of the camp. The easiest way to do this is to use weapons with electrical attacks. Be careful not to eliminate any of the Bokoblins. Be sure to take the weapons they leave, so that the game registers the Bokoblins as unarmed.

Since disarming the Bokoblins will remain that way even after saving the game and loading it later. This will make the process of disarming them all together easier. Now that they no longer have weapons, give them to use your triple arrow bows. Since you have more than 10 Bokoblins firing 3 arrows each the game is over exerted, and quite strange things happen.

For example, in the menu, Link’s model will load very badly. Sometimes, changing your equipment will cause the game to still show Link with the previous equipment. Even after you’ve left the menu. To duplicate the Hyliano shield: First, equip it and make sure that the Link model demonstrates that it is equipped. Let the Bokoblins shoot a little, and then change your shield for a weaker or less valuable one. Make sure Link’s model does not change this time you exit the menu. Drop the unwanted shield, and a Hyliano shield will appear instead of the one you released. Use this method to duplicate any weapon, shield, or bow. Test for yourself! Haha the flying machine, subtitles courtesy of ShadowKeru, visit me in the discord of

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