Hey, how you doing today? my name is Relyea, and thanks for stopping by. Today I’m gonna show you how to get almost every single elemental weapon all in one place Quickly and easily all you have to do is head over to the Coliseum, which is just outside of the Outskirts Stable I’ll show you where that is on the map here in just a second. In the Coliseum You’ll find enemies holding electric weapons, which allow you to stun your enemies and deal extra damage when they’re in the rain(or wet) You’ll be able to find fire weapons which you can use to light fires keep you warm on those cold cold winter nights and Have a chance to one hit kill ice enemies.

Last, You’ll also be able to find ice weapons Which will allow you to freeze your enemies keep cool On those hot desert days and you’ll have the chance to one hit kill fire enemies We are at the Coliseum, which is just East of the Great Plateau tower at the Rota Shrine Which is right next to the Outskirts Stable On the top level you’re gonna find moblins holding electric weapons, on the middle level you’re gonna find lizalfos Holding frost weapons on the lower level you’re gonna find bokoblins holding flame weapons on Each level there’s gonna be three enemies and they’re each gonna be holding a different type of Elemental weapon so on the middle level you’re gonna find three lizaflos holding a frost spear ones holding a frost blade And ones holding a great frost blade, so however you want to use these weapons or whatever Weapon is your flavor, whatever weapon is your style, you’re gonna be able to find a weapon with an element damage that you want to Use. I personally don’t really like using the Spears, so I’m not even to pick them up. I like to fight these guys at night because sometimes you can catch them sleeping.

That makes it a little bit easier. You might want to use either sneaky recipe or put on your sheikah armor, and that’ll make this a little bit easier. I’m just feeling a little bit of Dark Link right now. All you have to do is drop in behind the enemy that you want to take down and sneak strike them. So as you can see here, we’ve got a thunder spear.

I don’t really like Spears so much, so I’m not gonna pick it up. As you can see it starts raining, which is Super annoying because you can’t climb anything very easily, so I’m gonna go ahead and try and fast-forward this. I did want to show you that you can go ahead and climb the walls and get above every single one of your enemies that you want to take out you can jump down and get behind them again and Use that sneak strike And you’re gonna be doing this over and over again using sneak strike on every enemy. And look how quickly you just pick up all the different Elemental weapons. If it does start raining on you I highly suggest just sleeping until the next night because it makes it so much easier when it comes to climbing the walls otherwise It’s near impossible trying to climb up. Be careful thugh if lizaflos are awake because they’ll catch you pretty quickly and I’ll just have to go back for this guy later Really the main weapons you want to be picking up here are the ice blade and the flame blade Being able to freeze your enemies can really help out if you’re in a tough fight.

Also, it gives you the chance to one-hit kill those flame enemies like those super annoying lizalfos It’s really nice to be able to take them out in one hit The flame blade is really nice because you can use it with your shield out. For me I don’t really use it for fighting I only use it to stay warm in the cold areas and I use it to light fires. It just makes life easy to have one on hand at any given time. The best thing about this area is that you’re gonna be able to gather a ton of different weapons. It’s not gonna take up too much durability of your weapons to take these guys out because you’re gonna be able to sneak up behind them just about every single time. If you’re new to the channel go ahead and do me a favor and click on that subscribe button and Let me know what color it changes once you click on it. I’m gonna be coming out with tons more tips tricks and how-to videos for Legend of Zelda breath of the wild Thank you very much for tuning in I hope to see you more soon

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