Hello my friends, my name is SammiiCake In this video we are going to find out how to find Dinraal in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. For this, we are going to need any bow and arrows, some wood and something to light the wood with, either flint or a fire weapon. You then need to go to this location which is at the top of the map above Eldin Mountains next to the Eldin Great Skeleton. The best shrine to fast travel to, to reach this location, is Gorae Torr From this shrine, simply glide west towards the Eldin Great Skeleton.

Be careful of your stamina on your way there and don’t make a stupid mistake like I did gliding over that gap! Try and make sure you are quite high up so you can easily reach Dinraal. Once you have reached your location, get your wood out and make a campfire using either flint or a fire weapon. Once the fire is burning, sit at the campfire until morning. When morning has come, look into the sky and you can faintly see Dinraal flying towards you. Wait for him to get close enough that the wind changes around you, this could take around an hour and a half in-game time. Then jump, and glide towards Dinraal with your bow and arrow equipped. Once you are ready, take your shot at the part you want, but be wary of the fire coming from Dinraal. If you want the Shard of Dinraal’s horn, hit its horn. If you want the Shard of Dinraal’s Fang, hit the top of its mouth, just below its nose.

If you want Dinraal’s Claw, hit its feet or if you just need Dinraal’s Scale, hit it anywhere else. Take in consideration of the distance between you and Dinraal when aiming so you can get the part that you want. Once you hit Dinraal, the part will glow and fly off it onto the ground. Be careful because the part can sometimes be blown off the cliff. Jump towards the material and pick it up. You can only do this once each time Dinraal appears, so you will have to sit until morning again. Sometimes the campfire will still be there where you left it, so you can simply light it again with either flint or a fire weapon without consuming another wood material. Repeat this process again and you can farm as many parts as you want from Dinraal And that’s it for this guide on how to find Dinraal! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it was helpful to you! Thank you for watching my friends and I hope to see you again! Bye-Bye!.

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