Hi Zelda players! Brickette here to show you how to get a guardian with just a pot lid (any shield would work.) by doing a perfect guard. Hold up your shield. Then right after you see his eye light up, hit the A button right when you see the flash of light. I’ll show you this in detail throughout this short video. One place to get a pot lid is by the old man’s hut at the southern end of the Great Plateau.

I already have one pot lid, but I’d like another one for a backup. I’m going to dump one of these boko shields so I can pick this up. If you want to keep practicing on these Guardians you could save your game and then, after you get them, reload the only non-auto-saved game. Try not to get too close. Hold up your shield. Then press A when you see the flash of light. I didn’t do it fast enough so my pot lid broke. So I got another pot lid. Hold up your shield then right after his eye lights up and you see a blue halo around it, press the A button.

I kept hitting A because I wasn’t sure if it was down or not, but apparently you can get the guardians with no legs with one shot. Now we can loot the area. A couple ancient springs, an ancient shaft, an ancient gear, and an ancient screw. You could sell these later. We can fast travel to that shrine back there, but we’d have to go around the outside of the wall to get far enough in front of it. But we could get this other one first, right from the shrine. I kept moving closer until it noticed me. I tried to be as far away from it as I could so I would have enough time to react. Shield up by holding ZL (the left trigger). Then hit the A button right when you see the flash of light. You get the same kind of loot here.

If you want a bigger challenge you could practice on this Guardian from that platform right there by going over to the right side of that wall. Here’s a quick way to do that. You can reload a previously saved game to get the Guardians back because otherwise they won’t re-spawn until after a Blood Moon as far as I know. There’s the shrine, and the Guardian is just to the left. I’m way too close here, so I don’t have enough time to react. Also, for some reason, I shot an arrow at it so I didn’t have my shield up. So it just annihilated me. Here it is in slo-mo. Its eye lights up, a blue halo of light, Then hit A right when it flashes. See you next time!.

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