Hey, how are you doing today? my name is Relyea and thanks for stopping by. Today we’re gonna go over how to defeat the spear Lynel. By the end of this you’ll be taking out Lynels left and right to collect That sweet sweet loot so the first thing we need to do is go ahead and find a spear Lynel. If we take a look at a map the First thing you’re gonna see directly South of the shrine of the Shrine of Resurrection is a Faron Grasslands. Over here in the last video We took out a savage Lynel holding a crusher. I’ll add a link to that video above We are gonna start out at the Ishto Soh Shrine. If we head directly North We’re gonna find a spear Lynel just slightly off to the East inside of the canyon, so let’s go ahead over there now I personally think that the spear Lynel is one of the easiest Lynels to fight because they have all of the same attacks as all of the other Lynels and Their spear only gives them one attack that is slightly different They’re not nearly as tricky as some of the other Lynels that you can face I always had the most trouble with the Lynels holding the savage Lynel sword those guys just had a lot of different attacks that you couldn’t just Shield parry and you had to know exactly what move you had to do to Counter.

Before we get over to the spear Lynel, always make sure to save your game before you get in there. You know you’re gonna fight a Lynel and if you take some hits you didn’t mean the take or you’re having a rough time just Trying to learn go ahead and load the game and just fight the Lynel over and over again until you learn every last Animation and you have it dialed in You’ll be able to drop in from above on many of the Lynels that you’re going to encounter So always make sure to take advantage of that height Whenever you get onto a Lynels back make sure to change over to your strongest web because you’re not gonna Take any Sort of durability damage You can use your weapon over and over and over again on a Lynel’s back And it’s not gonna break.

After you get five hits in you’ll be flung off the back So make sure to get in a good couple of critical hits once you land switch back to a one-handed weapon with a shield Always make sure you every shield up and don’t try to jump out of the way because it rarely ever works. One option is to Use Urbosa’s Fury, how do you say that? Yeah that so anyway She will be able to Stun the Lynel which will allow you to do the best combo get a couple hits in and get on his back hit him five Times and then get a couple critical hits in with your bow I personally think that the best defense against this attack is to hold the LZ button and press A Right at the right time so then that way you do a shield counter.

If a spear Lynel jumps back It doesn’t happen every time, but there’s a good chance that he’s gonna do a jump strike attack All you have to do is stun them in the face then you can do that special counter If you’ve got a better name than jump strike attack Let me know down in the comments cuz I actually just made it up, and I think it’s a pretty good I think it’s a pretty good name Anyway, go ahead and get that combo in and that’s all you need to do It’s probably the easiest move to Dodge because he really doesn’t have that much of an area of effect Look at this you could stasis him if you want to it’s much better to just use the arrow.

If the lineup jumps away from you in puts his weapon Behind his back. All you have to do is hold the lz to pull your shield and press a to shield counter It’s very easy And then you can get a couple veteran the other thing you can do if he tries to charge Jump out of the way hold LZ and press Y to jump out of the way at just the right time if done correctly, You’re gonna go ahead and get a flurry rush the next attack is a Fireball it’s actually three fireballs and all Lynels are able to do this attack All you do is run across from the Lynel and try to run a little bit closer to them with each fireball. that allow you to close enough to get Hit with your boat once the Lynel is down Go ahead and jump on his back Do the combo and get a couple critical hits. If the Lynel goes and does his savage roar All you have to do is one, get away from them because it will hit you and two You get off to the side and try to get closer to his face.

If you get close enough to his face you will have An easy shot at getting a critical hit in taking him down Essentially the more critical hits you get the more you’re gonna stun the Lynel the more times You’re gonna be able to do this combo the more damage you’re gonna do and the faster You’re gonna be able to take down the Lynel If you found this video helpful in any way shape or form, please do me a favor and subscribe to the channel Help me. I help you, I can keep making more videos, and you know what it’s Gonna be a good thing I really appreciate you coming by. Thank you very much, and I’ll see you soon. Bye.

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