zOMG Frequently Asked Questions by Sira_BlackOrder of Questions;1. In Game Questions2. Ring Questions3. Error Questions4. Quest Questions5. Miscellaneous questions?-======================================================-?In Game QuestionsHow is my progress...

zOMG Quests and Animated Guide

zOMG Quests and Animated Guide by Bria_TeragramEach area will include a small descriptions, a suggested Charge Level for your rings, and general map links...

zOMG Badges List

zOMG Badges List by Mizz FaithPeelunger Pounder: Kill 25 Peelungers.Gramster Gladiator: Kill 25 Gramsters.Additional Notes? Gooey Gramsters have no kill badges.? They do not...

zOMG Shallow Seas Tips and Tricks

zOMG Shallow Seas Tips and Tricks by CleoSombraThe Endboss section has been updated!This is a guide to the Shallow Seas. It gives beginners a...

zOMG Solo Player’s Guide

zOMG Solo Player?s Guide by ArkyronThe title says it all! This will merely be a guide composed of tips and tricks for the anti-socials...

zOMG Fountain Game Guide

zOMG Fountain Game Guide by Witch~BladeIn the center of Barton Town is a potentially unlimited supply of Orbs with no danger of Animated interruption....

zOMG Rings, Ghi and Pets Guide

zOMG Rings, Ghi and Pets Guide by OMFG ScienceImportant Notice: All information in this guide is approximateWelcome to the zOMG! Forum?s Numerical Analysis Thread....

zOMG Luck Guide

zOMG Luck Guide by Lobotryas== Table of Contents ==Frigging Luck, how does it work???Is Fortune?s Favor worth it?How hard should I Luck???== Frigging Luck,...

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