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Zone4 Skills Base Damage List

Zone4 Skills Base Damage List by domiluckHey, I?m surprised this has never been done before but this will be a compilation of the damage...

Zone4 Making Zen Faster Guide

Zone4 Making Zen Faster Guide by Chuy0101001. Play when their having the 2x Zen & 2x Exp event2. Use the Zen Booster you get...

Zone4 Sambo Ultimate Guide

Zone4 Sambo Ultimate Guide by breakpino07Hey people. We all know sambo is a real good martial art in real life and in game. The...

Zone4 Taekwondo Guide

Zone4 Taekwondo Guide by RexRyuKenJinIntroductionSo you have chosen to go with the stylish Taekwondo style otherwise known as TKD as your instrument of destruction...

Zone4 Newbie Guide

Zone4 Newbie Guide by MinrathicusAfter coming back to zone 4 with only a level 10, I have set out to level every class to...

Zone4 Skill Upgrading Guide

Zone4 Skill Upgrading Guide by domiluckThis guide will hopefully help you to get that +7 or +8 you?ve been trying to get. It basically...

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