Zorg Empire Chat Ettiquete Guide


Zorg Empire Chat Ettiquete Guide by Desert_Reaper

Ok, in light of all the clueless new people brought by the referral contest, I decided it was time to create a guide to using chat in such a way that you don?t get yourself banned.

1.Don?t get on and start spamming or trolling

2.Don?t get on and start harassing people

3.If a fight breaks out between you and someone else in chat, keep it as civil as possible. If you get tired of it, tell the other person(s) that you are done. If they continue the fight, just be patient and try not to react to them, as a moderator will eventually step in to put a halt to it. I

4.If you have a desire to fight with someone, do so in a Private Message on chat, not in the main room.

5.If a moderator tells you to stop doing something, it?s for a reason, and if you do not comply you will simply be kicked or banished from the chat room.

6.If you get kicked out of the chat room and want to know who did it and why, look below the text entry box before doing anything. It should tell you there who kicked you and what reason they put behind it. Same thing with a ban. However, if it comes up as a kick with no actual reason attached, get back on chat by refreshing the page, and ask in a RESPECTFUL manner why you were kicked from the room. If you come on and start whining about it, it will only make your situation worse.

7.If you get banned from the chat room, send someone who was in there an ingame message asking who banned you and why. If you want to get back in chat, send an ingame message to whoever banned you, and ask them in a civil, respectful manner to unban you. Sending them threatening messages and getting upset will only make your case worse, and if you continually send the person threatening messages or messages full of swearing, you can just get reported for harassment (which can quickly lead to your game account being suspended/banned), or you will simply be hunted in the game.

8. If you really do not want to be kicked from chat, A)Don?t provoke moderators by posting messages such as ?Ha you can?t kick me you can?t kick me? or ?Don?t kick me? or anything along those lines B) follow the chat rules
If a moderator kicks you for laughs/fun, don?t take it personal and simply ask them (Preferably using a Private Message) in a respectful and civil manner not to do it anymore. In most cases, being respectful and civil with the mods will keep you in their good books and reduce your chances of being kicked.
The above paragraph holds true for chatroom bans as well, with the only difference being the word
?ban(s)? in place of ?kick(s).?

9.Try not to just sit in chat and never say anything, this is called lurking and it makes you look dull.

10.Have fun in chat, feel free to make jokes etc., as long as you are careful not to offend anyone or get them angry. Chat is meant to be a semi-public/safe place for players to get together and interact.

11.If you have an honest question, especially about the game, just ask. There is no real need to be shy about asking questions, that is how we learn. Don?t worry about looking silly, every seasoned player has been in the rookie stage at some point. In fact, people in chat will gladly answer your questions about the game as best they can.

Important Note: Offenses in chat CAN and WILL be used against your in-game or forum account if the offense is serious enough. Moderators can report the chat log to Zorg Empire Administration, who reserve the right to impose penalties on your Game and/or Forum Account (usually only temporarily, but they can be permanent). To avoid this, listen to the mods, follow these rules, and use common sense!

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